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I was battling with myself about buying a standard (or Baja) 990 when I was shopping for a new one - ended up getting lucky when the person who had a deposit on the very last brand new 990R in Canada so that's what I bought (didn't care about the ABS) but just prior to that, I was looking at the OEM KTM suspension kit which raises the standard bike by 55mm to height of the "R". The cost of the kit was going to be about $600 and I was planning to install it myself so for me, it was an efficient way to get the suspension travel and ground clearance. Keep in mind that if you go this route, KTM has a disclaimer that the kit is not intended for ABS-equipped bikes but my dealer and I could not find any technical limitation to the ABS-equipped bikes. The only other considerations when raising the bike are having to extend stands or replace them with longer ones but you would have to go down that path regardless of what you use for raising the height. As for lighting options, there is literally a sea of choices for lighting and I've explored a ton of them. I ended up ordering a Euro-spec headlight and Piaa 510 SMR lights but most people are combining the Euro headlight with smaller, more efficient LED based lights and/or LED based light bars under the headlight housing (like the Baja or Rigid 6" LED lights with combination light patterns).

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Looking at spring rates for the stock measly 210mm height of the base 990 (In Canada it was the only new 990 available to us so I'm forced to build it up to what I need it for), but I can't find a decent weight to spring rate chart. I will most likely be tinkering with it until I take out the forks and shock this fall and send them to SPS (the Canadian suspension place I listed before didn't even reply to my email so... SPS it is, ) for a complete over haul to "S" (265mm) specs. If .48's are in them now, I should be able to bump them up to .54's with no issues. Might save a bit later when SPS redoes everything, might not...

I keep looking at toys for it too... an 8" OnX LED bar would be frackin' sweet on the front end, but I don't do a heck of a lot of night riding, or at least I try not too. We'll see how well the stock HID's and headlamp work together and I'll go from there. *tapping my toe for another 33 days till I get home...*

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