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Back again! The 16th Keswick Beer Festival

I started this ride report just after I got back from it last year then I rather forgot all about it, but since I'm off for this years trip in a few weeks I thought I'd better finish and post it!

Last year (2011) my annual trip up to the Keswick Beer Festival didn't go according to plan as, a week before heading off, my bike decided to eat it's alternator.

Which was jolly annoying.

So no ride report last year which means you got to miss out on stuff like this,

and this,

and this.

Then, when the weekend before I was due to head north my right turn indicator decided to pack up I was not best pleased, however I wasn't going to miss out 2 years in a row and got down to some dismantling

and cleaning of the offending connector.

Everything finally working okay it was time to head off.
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