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Originally Posted by NPLR View Post
GPS... I wouldn't. I have never used a motorcycle GPS but the car versions I have tried in Korea (Hyundai and Garmin) have led me so wrong I have sworn them off. My preference is a good ol map on my tank bag and reading the road signs. If I get lost, the smart phone with naver/daum/google maps is there to save the day.
Guess YMMV. The Hyundai GPS receiver we have had for several years now had us going in circles once around a construction area but that's about it. The usual drawback of any GPS like picking roads that are direct but slow due to traffic but that's the only issue we have had. That and having to give it to a native to help us get the maps and POIs updated now and then . Ours has a handy feature where you can navigate by stations on a subway map. You would be surprised how easy that makes some things. It can also navigate by phone number (awesome) and takes English input for a few things even though it's a Korean -only GPS receiver.

Mis-spellings are not tolerated so using Hangeul input can be tricky for an expat if you're not well practiced. Wanna find a Costco warehouse, round-eye? The first letter is a ㅋ - not ㄱ ! Then you have to remember how they [have to, technically] f up the pronunciation... ko-suh-tuh-ko. Ends up being spelled 코스트코 .

In and around Seoul I find the GPS receiver indispensable because there's not a straight road anywhere in that city.

NPLR, what are you paying for your smart phone there?
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