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Originally Posted by Snarky View Post

I always thought it would be cool to wrap a GSA tank, because it's huge. But judging from my clark tank on my XT225, gasoline vapors penetrate some plastics, and bubble stickers. Not sure if it's the case with the BMW plastic tanks.

Think about this for a moment, Do you really think that the feds would allow materials to be used by manufacturers that does not contain fuel vapors.

Some time ago I asked a friend who is in the plastic molding business about this. His answer to what is happening is the plastic itself is off gasing and not vapors passing through it. This off gasing is the reason that manufactures have to specially treat (with a heat treatment) some (there is over 1100 kinds of plastic) blown bottles that will printed or labeled to prevent bubbling or lifting.

And yes BMW tanks are in this category, just look at the factory labels after just a year or so.

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