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Originally Posted by alongat View Post
I know everyone around here loves ktmtwins and others but I haven't found anyone who can sell the Euro headlight for as little as these guys:

Once I have mine installed, I will figure out if I want to bother adding an HID kit to the low beam since in the Euro headlight, low and high beams are separate bulbs. The 990 isn't that intimidating, it's just got an extra cylinder and a few more wires, etc here and there :)

As for the suspension on my 2012 R, I love it so far, don't find the front end soft like the standard 990 and I'm 6'3" and 218 pounds - not as hard core off road as you yet but getting there little by little...
Got a part #? That page loads nothing for me other than just the store... I found the conversion kit here:

*Edit: I won't put HID's in the headlight myself. Not sure if I like the KTM ones either... the light is always too harsh for me. I prefer a warmer color for depth perception. I've found them extremely unreliable and prone to failure when faced with a lot of water, muck and rough terrain pounding on them. LED's on the other hand I've always had excellent luck with. Less fragile, more power friendly and generally a better build light all around.
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