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Originally Posted by kaptinkaos View Post
All the new 2013 Baja's are ABS free thank god, lol! I didn't get much grief from the system on the F650GSPD, but it was a PITA having to disarm it all the time and I didn't much feel like messing with the computers brain to get rid of it. Plus, I knew that when I sold it I could use it as fud fodder, :) I highly doubt this new 990 will ever see the inside of a dealer or shop other than my own... I jones hard to work on my bikes and I love to do so. For me it's comfort that I not only know things were done right, but also that if something breaks or goes wrong I should be able to identify, diagnose and fix it to get myself home. The LC8 is intimidating, but I'm sure I'll get along with it, lol!

The stands I can take care of. I'll lengthen the reach of both by the appropriate amount and rattle can it with gator guard when I'm done. I live in Calgary, AB and am gonna talk to my guys about getting me the parts to do it myself also. I love stuff like that, but on the other hand I'd love to have SPS set the fork valving for me as I never spent much time with it and have a limited knowledge base to work from. I'd love to learn, but would hate to waste that much riding time on learning if I suck at tuning the forks/shock in.

Thanks a TON for the tip on the Euro headlight conversion... That sounds like exactly where I should start! I hated the single bulb on the F650GSPD, but I lived with it. I put a set of PIAA 510's on and when I needed light there was a ton. The 2013 Baja's come with the KTM factory HID extra lights wired up, but the Baja Designs throw a ton more light... With the euro convert kit I might not want for much more unless I find myself riding more night time stuff... which I doubt I will. We have a LOT of animals on roads where I live at dusk and dawn so it's not great riding unless you like a moose or deer in your face, lol!

Cheers and thanks for your input!!!
If you are in Calgary call Ian at Riders Edge Suspension in Vernon BC and he'll do you up proper. They gave my 12R a good going over and also another buddies 990 and he also rides a 950.

This guy knows his shit!

I can send you some pics of his valving vs stock valving if you like.
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