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Originally Posted by ddlewis View Post
I'd go in on a bucket o beads

Never tried these beads because I can't get my head around how they could possibly work. "Magically migrate opposite the heavy spots" does not hold water for me, and spin balancer machines agree. They apparently do something though.. Maybe just general vibration damping.

Still tempted to do a seat of the pants test on the beads to see if I'm missing out on something. I'd really like to try them on the Miata which has a mystery tire vibration between 67-72 mph that normal balancing doesn't fix

This video may help you wrap your mind around it. There is another one I cannot seem to find that helped me 'get' it. The key is that the rotating structure is on a movable axis. If it is on a fixed axis it will not work. Since the tires are attached to suspension, it works in this case. The key is that when the tire starts to spin fast enough to vibrate, the beads move around randomly, and they happen to land in spots that reduce the vibration. The beads in essence 'migrate' to the locations that stop the vibrations. Then they stop moving.

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