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Originally Posted by Boon Booni View Post
I don't like using my phone on the bike as a GPS. I prefer a dedicated GPS unit. Waterproof, Usable with gloves, better routing(larger array of routing preferences), download routes from home computer, track logs, waypoints etc..

Though for the car I'm always looking for a better option. I keep coming back to Google Maps though. Tried Waze, Navigon and a few others, but I keep coming back to Google Maps. If you find that Maverick works well, let me know. I'll give it a shot.
I use Google Maps for the car, and I would love a dedicated GPS for the bike at some point. I wouldn't mount my phone on the handlebars ever, but if I get a wolfman tank bag I will put it in the map case and just run the charger to it until I can get an actual GPS. I have a lot more farkles to do before I can get a GPS. One thing that is cool about Maverick is the Speedo is built in, you can switch to different maps, I believe you can load your own files in, and you can start a track then click back track to get back to where you were. Now again, this is just from me looking at it this morning. I have not used it in the field yet, but if it works it will be awesome. I plan on trying it out for my camping trip in a couple weeks since I'll be flying solo and hitting the forest roads you guys always do, but i've never personally been on. If it works it will help me find my way back.

If anyone would like to join me for the day I'll be heading out Friday the 17th. I'll be camping with friends for a bachelor weekend so I would have to branch off at some point in the afternoon, but we could ride up 60 together in hit trails for most of the day.
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