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I am getting ready to ride the Ulysses from Washington State to Texas and back in mid-June - getting the bike in top shape has been a priority. ESPECIALLY that annoying ping from 2500-3000 rolling on throttle that happens at sea level when the bike is hot.

I checked everything I could think of and I refused to throw money at dyno tuning and wideband setups (I'll save that for when I put the 1250 kit on it amirite): TPS, intake seals, static timing, temp sensors. Ran some seafoam through it to clean it out. New spark plugs (previous owner had a heat range too hot) - never want to do that again and I hope the ignition never breaks!

Finally last weekend I think I licked it by retarding the timing by one large mark. Yes! Even with the fan on in traffic I can lug the heck out of it and it won't ping. SUCCESS!

I really love my Buell and I get excited when it's happy.
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