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Originally Posted by Lurkerlou View Post
I was hoping it wasn't the person you were waiting to hear back from , but that being said this is their super busy time of year and trust me when I say people from all over North America will be sending their stuff to him for revalving and suspension work.

If you were a little closer I'd offer up my 990R for a test drive just to see the quality of the end result.

Either way you are only 6 hours away and I'm sure our Adventures will cross paths sooner than later.

You can also call Geoff at GP Moto in Kamloops as they will instal all of Riders Edges stuff and he does all of my bikes in conjunction with Ian. Two suspension gurus for sure. But like I said the problem with being good is you are in high demand.

Seeing you are in Albania and I'm off for a week and know both of these people let me know if I can do anything middle man wise to help a brother out.
Thanks man! Short of having an 'S' or 'R' setup ie. 245-265mm travel forks and shock in stock and ready to ship, I don't think there's much to be done. I could always find a home for the stockers or even put them up on fleabay/flea market. I thought the 990's came with a bit beefier innards in the suspension, but I'm reading so much about how soft it is and that will just not do for 50% of the riding I intend to put it through. It will get airborn, it will see fast whoops and a fair amount of high speed loose stuff. I intend to stretch it's legs in Mojave, the Navajo Desert and also possibly Baja... I know a few really good spots down that way and man... I been watching the 2003 Dakar on YouTube too much and I get goose pimples thinking about 90-100mph on some flatter sections!

I don't have another bike in the garage at the moment so I'm pretty sure I won't be able to let go of the suspension unless I buy something (which is entirely possible... 500EXC dualsport comes to mind) or ride out to BC and have it done while I kick around town for a day or two (or pester the shop guys for knowledge) as my time home is just too damn short. I need more holidays dammit! I see it as banking time to take off in 2 years when the market tanks again though, LOL!!!

Dude... If I'm in Canada I am ALWAYS in for a ride. I have tire chains even. 6 hours is a nice morning ride, ;) And yes, I hope I cross the paths of many OC'rs as this forum and the people in it are freaking fantastic... So much information!!! It might even be worth a trip out if I can get a hold of someone out there that would either book me in for a bit of an extra fee and possibly let me take part/watch the suspension build. It's one of those few things I never learned much about as I've always had older bikes with crummy right-side-up forks (except my sport bikes and the coppers always take those away from me, go figure!). Maybe I'll start making some calls and see what I can line up after June 1rst...

Seriously, thanks man! If there's anything I'll let you know!
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