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I updated the first post in this thread with Torque spec info.

We are getting close to delivery on the order in progress and I do still have some 3-Part kits un-spoken for. These should get to customers by mid May, so if you're in the market for a Rumbux 3-Part kit, it's a good time to give me a call. ;)

Note that I am also taking pre-orders for the next shipment. This will be ordered at the end of June and be an August delivery to customers. I'm trying to avoid too long a gap while I am gone in July, so will hold CC info until the end of June and only bill CCs when I place the order with Rumbux in South Africa, (same as always). While I typically do pad the orders with a couple of sets, the sure way to get what you want is to pre-order it now so you're locked in.
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