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Hey guys... I heard something through the grapevine that I wanted to pass on as a precaution. A guy came through the car wash today that I hadn't met before and we got to talking about bikes. Apparently he has a couple KTMs that he rides around at the TG. Well this past week he heard about a guy getting his truck stuck near the railroad tracks, driving along side them. Apparently that brought a bunch of recent attention to the area. This guy lives right near there and was an older guy so I don't think he was jerking my chain.

Apparently his wife works right over near the Martin's and she saw a whole grip of authorities over there, from Land Management to local cops, with a big black SUV and a damn paddy wagon right over in the corner of the lot where people usually enter.

There are only a couple of ways out of there and I just wanted you all to know the risks. I'm damn sure not risking my new bike and daily driver for a few hours of fun. Guess I'll be heading to the mountains a bit more often than I figured this summer.

Just wanted to throw it out there. Be careful boys.
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