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Originally Posted by bastardbiker View Post
Hey guys... I heard something through the grapevine that I wanted to pass on as a precaution. A guy came through the car wash today that I hadn't met before and we got to talking about bikes. Apparently he has a couple KTMs that he rides around at the TG. Well this past week he heard about a guy getting his truck stuck near the railroad tracks, driving along side them. Apparently that brought a bunch of recent attention to the area. This guy lives right near there and was an older guy so I don't think he was jerking my chain.

Apparently his wife works right over near the Martin's and she saw a whole grip of authorities over there, from Land Management to local cops, with a big black SUV and a damn paddy wagon right over in the corner of the lot where people usually enter.

There are only a couple of ways out of there and I just wanted you all to know the risks. I'm damn sure not risking my new bike and daily driver for a few hours of fun. Guess I'll be heading to the mountains a bit more often than I figured this summer.

Just wanted to throw it out there. Be careful boys.
Sounds like the guy may have been running from the cops. I doubt all that manpower was used to wrangle a trespasser. Whether we ask permission to use this place or not, others are going to use and abuse the TG.
I'm amazed that place wasn't closed off years ago when there was an article in a "Best Of" issue of Syle listing it as the best place to go off-roading. When I saw that (in about '04) I figured that was going to be the last time I rode there.

BTW; I'm still digging around about the beads. Probably won't have to drop more than $80 for some from what I'm seeing.
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