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Originally Posted by sailah View Post
Oh I will I can smell the finish line. This project has really come together from all the thinking, scheming and planning. I tried not ot fall victim to "that's good enough" as I am used to doing. Really tried hard to focus on doing good work.

A lot of the work has been the result of improving my skills vis a vis welding, lathe work etc. Some is due to having access to better fabricating tools. Most of it has come from not repeating dumb mistakes I made on previous builds and the ability to see around the corner. Most of the time

The rally fairing will probably be a fall/winter project as it involves substantial design work, welding, fabricating and down time. I might get a wind in my sails this summer but it's hard to argue with using a trail tech to get on the road in five minutes or weeks designing the fairing and nav tower.

It will happen but really focused on that first time of letting out the clutch and the bike moving on its own power. That's a feeling I'll never get tired of.

Thanks for the kind words too. Appreciated.
Have you had any consideration of manufacturing and selling some of the parts you made for the conversion? I know you used a lot of factory stuff, but some of it you hand made. If someone could source the factory stuff you used (swingarm, shock, forks, etc) and then buy the custom parts and put them together, they'd have a bad ass ride. It would be kind of a "testing the waters" of selling custom stuff without going whole hog and selling complete bikes.
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