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Originally Posted by roadholder View Post
Yep. I have great respect for Schwantz but he was clearly out of line and perhaps a bit hypocritical. As pointed out (without Rainey's tragic career ending accident) he came very close to becomming another Randy possibly being the fastest guy to not win a championship. For Schwantz, Rainey's incredible speed and consistancy lapsed just once...for Dani Pedrosa, Lorenzo's didn't.
And if it wasn't for Doohan nearly loosing his leg Rainey would have had one less championship. One could say that if Kevin hadn't crashed so much he would have taken another championship away from Rainey. Where does this line of "logic" end? I see a lot of "ifs, and buts" when this argument against Kevin is brought up. What happens is. A championship is won by the person who accumulates the most points by the end of the season, however that happens. In the top GP class Kevin has. Dani, has not. That's all the comparision that needs to happen because, ultimately, that's what a top level GP rider's job is. To win the championship. Dani is still racing so maybe he'll pull it off. I, like Kevin from what I'm reading, believe that he has the talent to do so. But it hasn't happened, and may never if something doesn't change for Dani.
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