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Originally Posted by Colebatch View Post
To be fair to Ewan and Charley they had no idea what they were doing when they began. The only known reference points they had were Ted Simon's book Jupiter's Travels and then they bought copies of Austin Vinces Mondo Enduro and Terra Circa DVDs prior to depouarture. In any case they didn't heed the lessons you could have taken from those sources. And also to be fair to Ewan and Charley the big lessons about bike and luggage selection that you could take from Long Way Round are skipped over by most. But to me the lessons are all there in the film.

They only had two proper off road bits in the entire trip - Mongolia and the Road of Bones - and they did not complete either of them. In Mongolia, Ewan was in tears regarding how difficult it was and how he wanted to bug out to Russia at the first opportunity. The rolled 4wd gave them that chance. On the Road of Bones, the constant picking up of heavy bikes pulled out Charleys back. That again gave them the chance to just use the trucks that were part of their escort convoy.

In between Mongolia and the Road of Bones, they realised everything was too heavy and tried to ditch as much weight as possible.

So for me the message is clear - despite good health, good fitness, young age, Charley being a very competent off road rider, training courses, all bike spares being carried in the trucks, the guys struggled so much off road that they were unable to complete the only two significant off road parts of the entire trip, because they were on 320 kg bikes.

In all of the romance of the adventure and Claudios beautiful videography, that message seems to have gotten lost.

Claudio was out riding them on this when his Beemer broke down in Mongolia.

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