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Originally Posted by mcjunky View Post
So I was out at 7 mile today and I'm pissed:

After talking with rangers earlier this year he said they are broke due to orv funds being taken away and they are barely scraping by from the sales of discovery passes. I thought alright, I pay tabs on my jeep, motorcycle, trailer and orv tabs on the other bike and on top of that I have to buy a stupid discovery pass? Whatever, if it keeps the park open fine.

Today I go out to the ol trusty mile and what do I see? They are building a new fence from the s.e. corner of the park no more than 50 to 75 feet off the existing fence that goes for about a half mile west to where it goes down the hill right past the big mudhole. So after buying orv tabs and a discovery pass they are stealing more land from us :FU:

And the reason? From what it looks like it is to connect two walking and bicycle trail gates so they don't have to deal with us evil orv users in our own park. Stealing land from us and wasting money, I'm sure that nice wood 1/2 mile of fence is real cheap to build.
That sucks - why is it we always find out about these changes after the decision has been made.

I was out there a month or so back and that wasnt there. Had the park to myself - great place to practice riding skills.
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