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Originally Posted by browneye View Post
Going from dirt to road is a pretty easy transition. The other way is more difficult and especially with a behemouth. A GS or Tenere are about the toughest there are to handle off pavement. I cringe for broken legs, ankles, collar bones.

If you are going to be a road rider that occasionally saunters down a dirt road you'll manage.
Thanks. I think that's my most likely niche. The worst roads I would anticipate riding would be the Dempster Highway (Dawson YK - Inuvik NT) and the Liard Highway (Fort Nelson BC - Fort Simpson NT). Near here, the ghost town trail is probably the worst I'd see, and I gather much of it isn't too bad at all.

We're just finishing the purchase of a house, so once all the dust settles and we see what the monthly budget ends up looking like....
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