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Originally Posted by amanlikemike View Post
Yeeeeeeaaaaahhhhhh.... That'd do it!

The fasteners need to be fully flush, tightened and thread-locked. The abrasion on the inner liner is definitely a side-effect of them not being so, and it looks like just enough of the waterproof coating has been scrubbed off to allow moisture to wick its way in.

The packs need to be fitted as you would a car wheel (i.e. fasteners diagonally inserted across from each other and then tightened), so the corners of the bag can be pulled to fit (it needs to be a very tight tolerance to prevent them shaking off or wearing out over time). As you discovered, attaching them in pretty much any other order will make it all but impossible to line up the final couple of holes per bag. If - for some reason - it still proves tricky, you could always drill out the holes by another 0.5 / 1mm diameter to give a bit more tolerance. But that is a last resort and shouldn't be necessary.

Glad we got there in the end!

PM me your address and I'll stick seven sets of fasteners and a replacement liner in tomorrow's mail, so we can get this show back on the [off-] road.


PM sent! Just want to say that your level of support is pretty much unheard of in this day and age. I'll definitely be buying more Kriega products in the future
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