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Wink The Superbug experiences a little Death Valley Magic

This report is going to be full of ramblings and photos of many things in addition to a little riding. If you get bored with reports that arenít full of motorcycles and technical trails this one may not be for you. If you like a variety then join me & the Superbug on our latest adventure.

Why go there?
This is a question many people have asked me because when they hear Death Valley they think desolate, hot, unforgiving, barren, and why would anyone willingly go there? It is all those things and more. For me Death Valley is a magical place filled with extremes and adventures. Death Valley is harsh, beautiful, rugged, soft, drab and colorful all at the same time. It has a feel, I donít have the words to adequately describe the feel but itís all about the feel.

During my travels over the years I have encountered three places in the United States that made me feel good just being there. A special type of good, and sense of happiness, the world is wonderful, and itís taking care of me, type of good. Places that made me feel like I was wrapped in a warm special type of happiness and unicorns would prance out to entertain me at any time.

The first place I experienced those feeling was in the Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas and the second place was outside of Flagstaff, AZ. The second time it bothered to have those feelings because I couldnít put my finger on why these places made me feel the way they did. I wanted to see what was making me react this way but I couldnít. Finally I decided to just accept the good feeling and go with it. I have not returned to the Ouachita or Flagstaff partially for fear that the good feeling wouldnít be there and I preferred to keep the memories of how I felt and not ruin those feelings with reality.

Death Valley is the third place I found that special feeling. My first visit to DV was in the spring of 2005 on my way home from buying a motorcycle from a friend in E. Texas. The idea of going through Death Valley was OK but it didnít have me excited or even really generate any interest. I just decided to do it because I had not been there and I might as well do a ride through. A couple friends decided they would meet me there and that added to the plan. I stopped for a few days rather than just doing a ride through and I was glad I did.

My first visit to DV

It was toward the end of the day when I entered DV for the first time all those years ago and I discovered those good feelings surrounding me. All the sudden everything was good, the world was a happy place and I was thrilled to be there. The unicorns looked more like mules but they were there nonetheless. I spent a few days with my friends exploring some of the more popular attractions but I didnít spend anywhere near the amount of time that I would have liked. All three of us discovered the bikes we were riding werenít the best bikes for the sand in Death Valley, at least not with the street tires they were sporting.

We also discovered how incredible the night sky was and the rugged beauty around every corner. The few days were filled with discovery and I was amazed with all DV had to offer.

March of 2008 I was able to return to DV on my way riding the Superbug home from Baja. I arrived in the evening and left the next morning but I was happy to discover the good feeling again. The feeling didnít go away as I feared and I got to see that incredible night sky again. (sorry, no photos of the sky) This time even though the time was short it was special since I was treated to flowers blooming. It was at the end of the bloom but it was still cool to see what was left of the pretty little bloomers in DV.

The Superbugís first visit to DV

Nov. 2011 there was another opportunity to visit DV but again the amount of time was limited. It was a drive through on my way home from buying a motorcycle in Pahrump, NV. I did stop long enough to hike to Darwin Falls and again found the Death Valley Magic.

Living in Pacific Northwest is wonderful but sometimes the winters are just too long even when it has its pretty times.

Stay tuned for more.....
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