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KamLeeR nobody has said you are being "chincy" with your helmet choice- but these "dual sport" helmets are really not made for highway use- seriously too much compromise. When I roadrace I wear Arai so it ain't about the brand

Both the XD-3 & XD-4 are crap for highway. Shoei Hornet is crap too on the highway. And they are generally considered premium brands.

I've owned all three. Looking over your shoulder to do a head-check while making a lane change (uh, you do this every time don't you?) is just asking for neck strain if not head jerk, depending on the speed you are travelling. Plus the visors are so high up they are useless, and the built-in drop-down shields are expensive and have compromised optical clarity. The visors are thin & vibrate, and break pretty easily compared to a dedicated dirtbike helmet

These "high end" dual sport helmets are the adventure-bike equivalent of buying a pre-tied head wrap bandanna to play "pirate" on a Hardley-Ableson. Looks cool to the idiots on the sidewalk but don't really work. YMMV but if you need to look cool, go ahead

Some have had good luck calming the noise from the "visors" (which really don't offer any protection from sun or tree branches) by sticking lead wheel balancing weights on the underside.

I cut 2" off the top of my stock windscreen (one of the best mods for these bikes) and fabbed a spoiler from the remnant- which really didn't work so it stays home on a shelf. I just ride with the 2" lower screen and a street helmet with earplugs if I am gonna be riding for hundreds of miles a day.

You can also try squatting a bit to find the sweet spot where the buffeting reduces. Having done multiple Cal24hrs, Utah1000, Nevada1100 and some of my own trans-continental runs this is the easy, cheap trick to making miles...

And YES the stock "mickey mouse ears" mirrors cause a huge amount of turbulence. Try some Duke or Napoleon mirrors

Having put the KTM touring windscreen on several customer bikes I can tell you they work pretty well but don't fix things, plus they are kinda big

So far the best for slab touring has been to take a tall (old, leftover) KLR touring windscreen and bolt it over the stocker with some spacers so air comes under it. They can be had for $50 and look just as bad/good as the $165 KTM touring screen, and I just unbolt the thing when I ride local/dirt roads while on a long trip. Mostly it lives on a shelf too

If you ride local, wear a DOT/Snell approved dirtbike helmet. Several I have are better than the $400-$700 Arai/Shoei's on the pavement for noise/buffeting...

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