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great night in Durango, highly recommend Ken and Sue's restaurant, the Jerk Chicken and New York Strip were outstanding!

left Durango this morning at about 9:30, the view going out of Durango south on the 550 was great, river, red mountains with pines. the temp was cool in the high 60's low 70's, we stopped in Cuba NM and decided to put our liners on because it obviously wasn't going to warm up anytime soon. about five minutes outside Cuba, it shot up to 85. shortly thereafter, 96 degrees! oh and it gets better, a nasty cross wind started, and then stayed with us the rest of the day. a couple of gusts had me white knuckling it for a while. the scenery once we got out of CO. was mostly scrub brush desert, with some mesas.

stopped in Albuquerque for lunch, and picked up parts of Route 66 / I 40 east all the way to Amarillo TX. on our way we saw a dark cloud up ahead of us and thought it was a storm, turned out it was a massive cattle pen. that went on for what seemed forever because "you can't hold your breath that long".

didn't upload the cows, but this was better.

lots of wind mills off he I40,

got into Amarillo about 8:00pm, that put us in the saddle for about 9 hrs. of hot wind and cow smells, not as scenic as the last few days but still better than working.
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