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Originally Posted by chrisf14 View Post
Is that $30 for each lock? If that is I need to change 6 so they are keyed the same. So that is $180 for parts with no labor to drill all them out. Getting new rivets. When done I have the same junk that will break next year.

Parts: $180
Shipping: ? I live in Costa Rica
Finding the right rivets: Half day driving to town and back.
Labor: 3 hour I Guess

End results: New Junk to break for another day.

I should just buy new shinny ones for all this work.

HELP, Who make good ones. (I don't care what they cost)
No need to buy 6 locks! Buy one (or buy two and have a spare) and simply swap out the lock cylinder. Worst case, if the cylinder is broken, swap the pins from the old cylinder into the new one. Easy enough to do. Instructions here.
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