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Originally Posted by Blanca Busa View Post
Great work. I like the full Kevlar idea. Understanding your a start up company I hope the price comes down in the future. Good luck and thanks for trying to help us out.
Thanks Blanca Busa

Originally Posted by mattsz View Post
Looks good!

Where exactly is the armor's velcro? Specifically, on what surface are the velcro hooks, and on what surface are the loops? Does either velcro surface ever contact the wearer's skin? I'd like to know exactly how the velcro interacts with the jeans, the armor, and the rider!

I ask, because my riding jacket has a velcro collar closure with the hooks on the outside tab, facing my neck - if it isn't lined up perfectly, my neck gets scratched by the hooks...
Hey Matt, there are no velcro hooks. The softer velcro is located inside the armor pocket, blocked by the armor pockets sports mesh liner. The harder scratchy velcro is on the armor itself.

Here are some pictures:

Knee and hip pads

This is a picture from inside the knee armor pocket. As you can see, the velcro on the armor lines up perfectly with the velcro on the jeans and your knee is on the opposite side completely.

This is all your knee will touch

the velcro is on the opposite side

These pictures were taken from my jeans that are over a year old.

Check out what's behind all the sports liner:
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