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Originally Posted by RAL88 View Post
Ok. So I have fitted a cat eliminating exhaust on my R850r-gs. I have tried all the configurations that I could find of the ccp and in conjuction with the IIce air. All but one results in a lot of afterfire to varying degrees. It seems that the one that works the best is the removal of the ccp completely which I found is suppose to be done for no cat on the 850r.

Now, from my understanding in this mode the motronic does not use the O2 sensor in the exhaust and uses 1.8%CO2 as the reading for the motronic to use.

My question is will the IIce Air still be able to adjust the fuel ratio in this configuration since it is measuring the incoming air temp or is this disabled also when the ccp is removed.?

Thanks in advance.
With the CCP removed the ECU will look for a CO adjustment trimpot (which is missing...) and just default to open loop "limp home mode". This probably makes the bike run better (richer mixture) but will eventually damage the catalytic converter. Plug in a GS9111 and this should reveal a fault code.

Euro (and some Canadian) models have no CCP, no converter and have a CO pot installed which is set to 1.8% CO measured in the tailpipe at idle RPM.

The IIce Air won't "adjust" anything. It will fool the ECU by creating a lower temperature reading than actual. This is done by using simple thermistors in series with the existing one in your airbox. The ECU will react to this and richen the fuel mixture.
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