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Originally Posted by geometrician View Post
. Looking over your shoulder to do a head-check while making a lane change (uh, you do this every time don't you?) is just asking for neck strain if not head jerk, depending on the speed you are travelling. Plus the visors are so high up they are useless, and the built-in drop-down shields are expensive and have compromised optical clarity. The visors are thin & vibrate, and break pretty easily compared to a dedicated dirtbike helmet

These "high end" dual sport helmets are the adventure-bike equivalent of buying a pre-tied head wrap bandanna to play "pirate" on a Hardley-Ableson. Looks cool to the idiots on the sidewalk but don't really work. YMMV but if you need to look cool, go ahead
Agreed... but... I do find the visor useful on forested back roads, crossing in and out of deep shade at high speed. The visor allows you to run a clear shield so you can see in the shade and it keeps the sun out of your eyes out in the sun. I don't like coming into a corner too fast in deep shade with a tented shield. I can't see the road good enough.

Out on open freeways I just switch shield at sunset on my Arai street helmet.

I ride a street bike too, so, I have several helmets. Like to OP I might not buy a dedicated street helmet just for the 950. Just take the visor off, the helmet is designed for this.
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