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Jimmy Lewis

Got back from jimmy's riding class early Monday morning, wow. Highly recommend. A lot to process, especially if you're starting from my riding level (I really hope I didn't slow the class......). You think you're doing ok with some skills, you get an exercise to do and feedback, then you realize that you really should have been analyzing what you've been doing all along. 99% of the class for me was "what! I had no idea!".

For example, i found my clutch control sucks. I couldn't believe how many times I stalled or chugged! Thought it was a skill that was fine, not so much!

The second day jimmy was trying to help me feel what I was doing wrong with bike control. He stuck me on the back of the bike and off we went! After a minute of !!!!!it, jimmy talked me through it and, yeah, I really could feel the difference.

A lot of the exercises were frustrating, but in a good way. The class is not easy, i found it very challenging. I got a little cranky sunday, I didn't feel like I could do anything right (at one point I told jimmy that I was doing fine on an exercise until he came over to watch......).However, whenever I've taken a skills class for any sport, the best classes always have a day or moment like that. Those are the classes where you learn the most. If everything is easy to accomplish you're not going to learn much.

The second day was harder too because I was pretty tired from day 1. Highly recommend you are in reasonable shape for taking the class. A little of the difficulty I had Sunday was because I was feeling a little bedraggled from the day before (enough that I did some dumb things and didn't have the stamina of day1). Tired = Stupid.

Today I wrote down as much as I could remember about each skill (I planned on doing this each evening, but I was too pooped). Now it's practice, practice practice. I'll definitely be retaking the class, hope I don't drive jimmy too nuts next time. (he is very patient)

Go do it!
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