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I love both of these RRs!! I have been plowing through Sibirsky both at work and at home. Such and amazing trip!! Thank you W for taking us along on such an amazing ride...

Buuurrrt, I loved your Mongolia trip. I have dreams of sipping vodka at a campsite and eating steppe stew. Your trip was inspirational. Thank you.

Jeff G.

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I have been following your report for some time and now that you are in Mongolia I thought I would post to say how much fun we had while exploring that beautiful country in Sept 2012. 3 of us on purchased "Shinray 150 Mustangs" 3 weeks of riding, the scenery, people, birds etc. I just can't say enough about how wonderful Mongolia is.

From Mongolia 2012

Do they drink vodka in Mongolia? Yes they do!!

Hovsgol Lake

The Mighty Shinray Mustang 150

I don't mean to hijack your wonderful thread but if anyone is interested in seeing a report on our trip.

Please click here. I would love to hear what you think.
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