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hi all...firstly, yes I have done a bit of searching but the list of results I got back are far to much to sift through while sneakily reading at work. and the end of the day is looming and the road is wet.

I've just fitted some E09 Dakars on my 2010 Tenere 660. Standard tyre sizes (from memory 130/80-17 and 90/90-21)

Also note that I've got 30 odd years of riding under the belt and have bikes of the road variety, dirt and in between and ridden with lots of different tyres and conditions.

I'm only maybe 200Kms into the tires and haven't had any confidence on the road with them yet (offroad, gravel only at this stage, i'm in love). Its hard to explain but they feel like they are squirming and don't hold a straight line. After cornering with the intial tip in being very quick but getting used to that it seems to take a bit to find a straight line after cornering. Initially I thought the pressures were wrong so I went with a road style pressure of 30psi front and 34psi rear (from being fitted they seemed very low at around 18-22psi from memory). This felt worse. dropped back down to 28psi front and back and maybe a bit better but still strange feeling. Am I running too high still? what does everyone recommend?

Also the front edge seems to have worn quite rapidly despite trying to behave on the throttle.

very keen to know your thoughts and ideas before hitting the road to go home tonight.

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