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Originally Posted by Mudcat View Post
Oh, I am sorry; I am not advocating you buy a new Zumo. I donít have one and I am not sure how well it works. I think the 660 works well but..... and they are expensive.
Last year my 450 broke down and Garmin would not repairer it, it was a discontinued unit. There is a thread in Layin Down Tracks with gave me hope I could fix the 450.
While I tried to figure it out, I bought a Zumo 220 which was a newer model and pretty expensive. It was a big disappointment after having used a 450, still useful though. But I donít believe it would have worked well on my trip through Oregon
I was eventually able to fix my 450 and Iím a happy camper again.

Oh don't worry it wasn't anything soon or for sure! More of a "just kidding" moment". I really like the Zumi but for motorcycle i find it really hard to use because it always calculates 'shortest time' and when i chose a different route it tends to flip out on me! Also I do not think I can preload maps on there... or can i...?
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