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My report

Day 0:
Arrival around 14h. Try to find all my papers and up to the registration. Apparently we need a starting permit so I have to pass the doctor’s exam and donate 50 euro to the brittle economy. After installing GPS tracker and glueing some stickers I have to go to the technical inspection. This is on the other side of the village and during the ride I test my horn again which works. Once there, the rally boss checks the light, rear view mirror and the horn that refused to work at the exact moment. After some fiddling the horn produces a minimal amount of noise after some contact cleaner from the locals Melitis finds it is good enough. Nice, finished with that part. In the evening we get the roadbooks and follow the briefing. I color the roadbook using my standard system.

Day 1:
At 11h30, a police car shows up and we have to follow in procession to the show start. Many locals along the way. The show starts on the stage takes quite some time and because I was in the big engine class with higher starting numbers it takes some time before it is my turn. With a wheely I come on stage and after a chat with the boss I leave the stage again with a wheely. The locals love it.

After the start of the liaison at the bivouac we have to drive for 25km asphalt along the bridge that connects Peloponnese with the mainland. The special is 50km, with many short turning in the beginning and then a more open area I can open up the throttle of my 690. I have to get used to the little grip on the gravel roads, especially at the front. Since I started in the back I have a lot of catching up to do. I pass a lot of big bike, most of the guys on the 690 rallies are slow in corners. I finish the special without any errors in navigation. After a few splashes it remains dry.

After the special there is another small liaison. Now it really begins to rain and my rear tire steps out big time while accelerating out of a turn.

Back at the camp it appears that there are many people made mistakes in the navigation and I finished 16th.
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