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Wow, pretty classless and egotistical response from Puig, regardless of KS's actual, original point. Cap'n Pedro's one-liner, if that was indeed all that came out of the boy-wonder-that-will-never-be, was all the response that was needed.

Digging in more, while I assume Schwantz's statements were made in his typical low-tact approach, I will otherwise give him the benefit of the doubt that the story is getting spun until more comes in--i couldn't find anything on l'equipe (or a quick web search) to corroborate the supposition from the Spanish article ( that KS was being a total out-of-line dickhole. I find the timing of this article a little too coincidental with 34's serving of the [Spanish] boss, and the re-quotes from the original french article (the one I couldn't find) to be a little too damning of schwantz to be reproduced completely in context.

Put another way, just because I'm wearing a tin hat doesn't mean there's not an orchestrated character assassination afoot.

Alternative conspiracy theory: the French are just fucking with the Spanish.
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