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Wait a second, those are replacement top clamps that allow me to add switches and accessory ports? Wow, that is exactly what I want instead of cutting into my new bike's plastic bits. I went on the HDB website but I can't figure out which clamp I need if I plan to use the stock KTM handlebar and want to add switches. Can you help me figure that out?

Thanks - and by the way, I will research waterproof switches; two or three position, momentary, etc. once I know what size the hole bores are in this clamp but in the meantime, you may want to check with someone like or similar if they carry marine application switches. There is a store called Radioworld in Toronto that caters to the marine and survival crowd so they may have switches like what you've described. Maybe even Bass Pro World, etc...

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Ok... My Google skills are pretty epic, but I'm having a hard time locating switches for a top clamp, or at least having troubles finding exactly what I need... Looking to put an HDB top clamp on with some accessory switches (hand grip warmer toggle, on/off for a few things, etc).

I'm in Canada so Acklands or Gregg's "should" have these, but does anyone have an actual part number or a know a decent supplier in Canada/USA that I can order through? Sometimes looking through a book with the guy at the counter is painful and if I can source these now I'll be happy as they can be waiting for me to tear the whole front end of the bike off and wire everything in when I do so. :) I'm only looking for push-button type, 2-position, silicone or neoprene boot. I don't think I need a second 12V power outlet as I usually only use that to charge my phone or tablet when parked up. I'll probably be wiring in a second fusebox under the seat to take care of any electrical needs that arise. Easier to wire things down there than up front and easier to access too. Plus, if I end up putting a pre-filter on (not sure if I will, but maybe if I find myself traveling south often to find dusty deserts).

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