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Originally Posted by alongat View Post
Wait a second, those are replacement top clamps that allow me to add switches and accessory ports? Wow, that is exactly what I want instead of cutting into my new bike's plastic bits. I went on the HDB website but I can't figure out which clamp I need if I plan to use the stock KTM handlebar and want to add switches. Can you help me figure that out?

Thanks - and by the way, I will research waterproof switches; two or three position, momentary, etc. once I know what size the hole bores are in this clamp but in the meantime, you may want to check with someone like or similar if they carry marine application switches. There is a store called Radioworld in Toronto that caters to the marine and survival crowd so they may have switches like what you've described. Maybe even Bass Pro World, etc...
Stock ones are 90x38/40, but I won't have stocks. I think mine will be 109, just waiting an email back about the spacing. When I find out I'll post it up. might have what I need so I might be able to get what I need there. Also, anything listed under adv or fat bars will work with the stock clamps. :) I'll poke around some and post when I get back to my laptop... I hate typing on my phone, hahaha!
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