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Oh!? That is deep.
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My only problem with the 690 is that it would require significant suspension upgrades for me. I can't reach the ground with a foot AT ALL on a 690 - a step ladder would be very inconvenient to carry.

I've been thinking a KLX250 or a WR250R as a lightweight, mostly trails dual Sport. The nice thing is that there are incredible mods for each platform and I live fairly close to most of the trails.

I may have a look at what Husqvarna offers as well.
Both the KLX and WR are pretty sweet looking options. Are they any lower than the 690? seem to recall sitting on the WR and noting how tall it was. Lowering links are not overly expensive for any of them (I think) 690 links avail for $150 from KTMTwins and you can drop it an 1" to 1.5"
Front end is lowered by raising the forks in the triple crown.

Ah well you get to window shop for the summer and find a nice fall deal!
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