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When the nOOb rally popped up I decided it would be a perfect solution for getting through the cabin fever days of winter. Iíve wanted to spend some quality time in Death Valley and this was going to be my chance to do just that. I decided I would spend the entire week there rather than just the rally dates and make a great real vacation of it. The Superbug is the perfect Death Valley bike for me so it would be making the trip with me.

Getting There:
Once the vacation time was approved it was the long wait until March. I plotted, planned, routed, calculated, and saved my pennies while looking forward to spending time in DV.

While waiting, not so patiently, I did a little farkle shopping. Oooooooo Rotopax.

Having any shortage of fuel issues resolved my next step was learning to change a tire. With the posts on the nOOb thread about flat tires it was time. Kootenai Rider came over and taught me to change my tires showing me a few tricks he uses. I discovered it was easier than I thought it would be. Thanks Junior!! No pictures but you all know what a tire looks like.

Knowing from previous experience I couldnít count on the weather to cooperate for the ride there and back the Superbug would be making the trip in my pickup. The pickup was serviced, The Superbug was serviced, had new farkles and we ready to go. As I was loading up to leave the next morning the weather reminded me why I was hauling and not riding.

After daybreak on Saturday 3/23/13 I headed out south on Hwy 95, over Winchester Pass (S of Lewiston, ID) and I wasnít feeling bad at all that I was in the pickup.

Whitebird Pass also made me happy I wasnít riding.

I couldnít get the photos to convey how beautiful the scenes were through this area but I tried. Take my word for it the view was magnificent and the clouds were dancing.

Salmon River N. of Riggins, ID

Took a wrong turn in Wieser or maybe it was Payette, ID but I found an interesting rock church.

It was getting a little warmer but there was still plenty of snow on the mountains in Nevada.

A stop to find a geocache was frustrating. There it was, I could see it, but it was about 4Ē from the tips of my fingers when I was standing on my toes. I looked around for a rock or piece of wood to stand on with no luck. I have a fold up step stool in my pickup to use when I need to wash my windshield but it was conveniently packed at the bottom of all the junk.

I made my way to Austin, NV. The last time I came through this way I thought I would enjoy spending a little time exploring the town. This wasnít going to be the day though because Death Valley was calling my name.

Searching for a geocache took me to the local cemetery for a quick stop. This rock cross was creative.

The rocks were sure pretty.

When I spotted this sign I had to go check out the town. It was just 5 miles off the main road so why not?

And I was there.

There were some interesting places in Manhattan. Itís nothing like the Manhattan on the other side of the county Ė thank goodness.

Some people grow flowers in their front yard but these people grow bottles.

It was like taking a few steps back in time.

Houses have the latest luxuries

Time to head back to the highway and a more modern time.

Stopped to make friends in Tonopah, NV

And enjoy the flowers while the Superbug waits patiently in the pickup.

Tonopah is another town worth taking a little time visiting but again I was going to keep going rather than exploring.

It didnít seem like long and I was at my destination.

My home away from home for the week.

I was pleased that Airhead Bruce and his wife NoRa would be in the area and agreed to come to DV for a few days to hang out with me. They were already there, set up when I arrived. Moto-Treks spent the weekend attending a Jimmy_Lewis class and he would be joining us as well.

Airhead Bruce


Some riding will be coming up.
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