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Originally Posted by alongat View Post
Thanks again. I assume that this top clamp will NOT interfere with the ignition key, right? I want to retain the steering lock so I don't want to relocate the key to the top of this HDB clamp. I did see one of the top clamps (ADV, not ADVx) that seems to provide holes for switches, etc and does NOT relocate the key switch - that would be my preference, I'm just worried that my key switch in its stock location may become somewhat inaccessible - any idea? Also, I noticed that HDB also offers lower clamps for use as Scotts sub-mounts and it seems like a really inexpensive alternative to replacing the entire top triple clamp with the style that is more common to Scotts mounts. Any thoughts on that? I have been debating a steering damper - not so much for off road though I recognize that it does help but for higher speed travel when I switch to 19/17 wheel setup (reduced trail as a result of the wheel change, etc.) - I do not want high speed wobbles, head-shake, etc later on...
The top clamp you're looking for is but they do offer simpler ones under the adv index. I don't think it will interfere with anything as it's quite a bit higher than the key and also not really that extended above the center of the bars. You could email HDB and ask them. They've been extremely helpful in letting me know what I need to get this project to come together, ;) Paul is who I've been speaking with.

As for the Scotts, I'm not sure as I've gone the full fat route and gotten Paige @ Emig Racing to send me a complete triple tree set up in a black finish with a Rev I damper. I will have to drill out the safety screws and relocate it in the tree anyway and with the 3.75" rise (and maybe more) I doubt I will have an issue with anything interfering with the key. HDB does have relocation brackets that bolt right up though and you could use one to put the key at the top of the riser if you want. Lol, I usually never take the key out of my bikes... Who's gonna steal something THAT big and THAT dirty? I live in a rural part of town though... It's no DT TO. If you're switching to a 19/17 combo for tires and not running knobbies I don't think you will see the benefits as much out of an off road damper. If you do go with a damper you'd probably be happier with the Rev II/Scotts or something with a return to center if the bike will live primarily on the tarmac. If you're worried about head shake and the like then a damper suited for higher speeds is a sure bet.

$330 for just the stabilizer is a pretty good darn price too, but you might be able to find better! I only went full fat for the 20mm offset and more of an off road damper style. Sure, it's pricey, but it's again one of those things that I skimped on with my F650 and always longed for... Not for head shake, but for fork options and something to take a bit of the BASH out of hitting rocks and stumps. Cheers!

*Edit - The Emig riser spacing should be 106, not 109, my bad... damn phone typo.

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