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Originally Posted by KTM_Paul View Post
Cheers Clint, the trailies are usually a lot older and/or with a lot more K's than an equivalent priced GN but I'm still just looking and wondering at this stage and keeping my options open, the other advantage of a GN is a lower seat height for my G/F, she's not the tallest and her confidence is a bit lacking on dirt when she can't touch the ground, maybe I need to get a Kwaka Sherpa for her
Bear in mind the newer GNs (last 10 years?) are Thai-made and are simply not up to the same quality as the older Jap-made ones. I helped a newbie mate decide to buy a new GN rather than an older anything since he is not mechanically minded. He used the warranty several times in the 9 months he had it, for fairly important items that are normally taken as a given that these things just work on bikes built in the last 25 years or so... His was not an isolated case. Maybe if you buy one now it'll have had all these things fixed?

Older trailies seem to just go forever, slowly wearing everything out. The big thumpers do tend to go bang after some stellar mileage but the 250s don't.

If you are prepared to suffer a GN250 then I'd suggest looking at DR200, SL230, KLR250, XT225 etc for the inseam-challenged. They won't have a huge amount of pace fully laden, but a GN250 doesn't have a huge amount of pace, period. Most of the 250s are stronger but taller.
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