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Originally Posted by DirtbagHB View Post
I have an 08 230L that i got used (242 miles, now 4000). it is now my turn to change my rear brake pas and the ones I ordered off the interwebs are too thick, though it is possible that im not depressing the brake caliper piston enough, its depresses easily with a screwdriver and feels like it bottoms out. tried to make it go that last bit with a c-clap to no avail. so my question is: when yall go to change pads, how far should the piston depress. should it be flush or does ~1/8-1/16 of an inch of the piston remain exposed.

these are the pads i got, should fit, but dont. i need mere hairs for clearance.

what am i forgetting or did i just end up getting brakes that dont work like a doof

thanks to whom ever responds for your input
Looks like you ordered the right pads to me.
I've yet to change pads on my 230, but I've done a few others. Try opening the bleder while compressing the caliper piston. A small amount of brake fluid will be lost but can be refilled after the job is done. This should get you the room needed to get the pads in and over the disk. The piston should go almost flush with the caliper body. Becareful not to compress it too far or it may slip past the top piston seal.
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