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Originally Posted by Katoom72 View Post
Are these boxes that terrible? I was about to order a pair.
No, not terrible. I've had mine since 2004 and they've held up well. In that time two locks have broken. One got torn off in a spill and the other developed a stress crack. The one that got torn off did not bend anything and has no noticeable marks on it. Not sure the same would be true of a rigidly mounted aluminum case. In my view it's better that the lock popped and let the case go.

If I was looking to buy cases I'd look at them all, there may be better ones out there. When I bought my 950 KTM was giving them away so the choice was easy.

The OP already has these cases and they're good cases so why piss away even more money to replace them. $30 and 30 minutes of time every few years to replace a latch is one of cheapest maintenance items you'll have with this bike.
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