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Nerf a bike- get a 4 hour penalty

John Volkman (#13) got punted off his Husaberg 10 miles north of San Juanico-

5. Behavior
5.1. Contact between vehicles including nerfing, bumping and pushing, intentional or accidental, is strictly prohibited in NORRA and is subject to penalties from 4 hours up to disqualification and/or suspension.

So let's get this straight: Butch Jenson's 4500 lb. (#462) "Alumi Craft Grande" powered by a 600HP REDLINE PERFOMANCE LS7 motor "nerfs" John Volkman off his Husaberg FE 570 from 5th gear to dirt and gets:

Wait for it....


Putting this into perspective:

A 254lb bike gets punted by a 4500 LB pre-runner producing a minimum 600HP motor. This is clearly a recklessness display of unsafe behavior. But the organizer gives the minimum possible penalty and allows the vehicle and its drivers to continue in the rally?

Volkman and his team have followed protocol and filed a timely incident report.

Will NORRA do the right thing….We will know in approximately 30 minutes from now
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