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Originally Posted by Colebatch View Post
I have probably prepared and ridden more bikes for more tough adventure bike trips than almost anyone. Each time I do it, the bikes are better ... faster ... tougher. I thought back to my flying days and the failsafe engineering that goes into aircraft. It doesnt matter how well you build an aircraft - or how overengineered it is - the airframe can only take so much before it has to be pensioned off. And it occurred to me that maybe asking a bike, any bike, to do something as demanding as this trip, this Sibirsky Extreme Trail, from start to finish, at the speeds you need to go at to finish it on schedule, was possibly asking more out of the bike than its possible to put into a bike. After 2010, when I rode from Magadan to Holland with zero problems with the bike, nothing that needed to be fixed and just 2 bolts and a fuel tank cap that needed to be replaced (after Mongolia ironically) that I thought the bike was bulletproof. But that trip was only 8500 km (5300 miles) off road. The rest was asphalt. This trip was 18,000 km off road. Certainly for the first 8,500 - even 10,000 km of offroad, the bike remained bulletproof. But now that I was up to 12,000 km off road, the difference was beginning to show. It occurred to me that there is a limit. Maybe at this pace, you can not get more than 10,000 km of offroad in before you start to run into issues. Thats when I began to wonder .... is this trail the toughest test you can reasonably put an adventure bike through? Maybe I had even gone too far this time. Maybe this much off road is too much (without rebuilding the bike).
When steel is not strong enough its time to build a bike out of something stronger like carbon fiber.
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