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Originally Posted by kaptinkaos View Post

Pipes - FMF's on their way to my house.

A: These are a good choice to mate up to stock mid-pipe quiet and efficient

Now come the questions...

Bash Plate

A: I have the TT one, and friends have the BD one. Either will do the job but it seems like the AL used on the TT one is harder and holds up better the BD ones seem to be grabby when going over rocks. this observation is both mine and shared with others. Either one is a huge + over stock

Steering Damper

A: Go with the Scotts solution, end of discussion. Proven design and works. I have one and it does the job. Nuff said

Side Stand Relocation

A: Yes, this need to be done even with a skid plate. It is minimal in cost compared to what it does in prevention. Worth every penny, have you prices a new engine case?

Foot Pegs

A: There are options on this which makes it a more personal choice, I have the fastways, have tried pivot pegs and some of the CJ weld on wider pegs.

All have their advantages and pitfalls. I have small feet (size 9) so for me the Fastway's were the right choice. You will have to decide on your own bout this one. How you ride and such factor into it.

Personally I hated the pivot pegs, others swear by them. Each their own.

Bars -

A: once again personal choice I run the Magura X bend they are very straight but I have really long arms. Others that have ridden my bike are sitting there with their arms straight. I on the other hand have bent arms. You have to decide how much rise and sweep you want. There are charts out there that have all that information.

Heated Grips - I have the type that adhere to the bars and you can then install any grips you want over them. I have one set with over 150K miles on them. Been on two bikes. Best Mod Ever!

Windscreen - No idea, I modified the stock. This is a very personal one.

Cruise Control/Throttle Lock Cant help here never used on sorry.

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