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Whiskey Dick Scooter Rally.....

Right after I pull into the Quality Inn in East Stroudsbug, Pa., in pulls Mike and Lenny on two Helixes. The orange one is Mike's. It's a 1986, the first year, and Mike's done a real nice job on it. He called it restored but since it's nowhere near original, I called it reconditioned. But, he did a great job with whatever you call it that he did.

Here's Lenny again, still in the picture, still fiddling around with something.....

Early Saturday morning it looks like there's frost on the windshields. Turns out to be a very heavy dew. Being from Tucson, dew is something I don't really remember as we have such low humidity. Also, here are the 5 amigo Helixes, all dressed up with no place to go. A 6th Helix did show up a bit later.

I wandered around, taking some random shots of stuff in the parking lot...

This next scooter belongs to Oger, or maybe it's Ogar, I don't know which. I met Oger at the downtown Stroudsburg watering hole where the Meet & Greet was held on Friday night. Oger is the kind of a guy that people with young children will cross the street if he were walking towards them. He's also the kind of a guy that should teach us all "to not judge a book by it's cover". After talking to him a bit, if I lived in Connecticut, I'd be happy to call him my friend.

Sorry, I did't get a picture of Oger but I know that, singlehandly, he's kept his local tattoo place in business for years. The tattoos are even on his head, right along side his mohawk.

By and large, I'm not really much of a scooter rally kind of a guy. I really only attended the Whiskey Dick Rally because I knew that I'd have some time to kill after meeting Alan in Harriburg. I figured that I could hang out in Harrisburg or I could hang out in Stroudsburg with a bunch of somewhat like minded people.....on scooters! Seemed like an easy choice to me.
As kind of review, I enjoyed the rally but I do have one complaint. It's the same complaint that I have against all the scooter rally's that I've attended, except one. That is, no rides. There was only one ride scheduled during the entire rally and that was very disorganized. There were about 25 scooters leaving the motel parking lot, riding through the heart of Stroudsburg. At the very first redlight, the group got chopped in half. The second group, of which I was a part of, never saw the first group again. Nobody in group one ever looked back to see if everybody was still there. Nobody from group 1 ever stopped at a turn to point out the right direction to go. Thank goodness that a guy in group 2 lived in the area and he took over as the defacto leader so we did have a good ride.

On Group 2's ride, somebody suggested that we ride out to the Delaware Water Gap. Here's the only picture that you're going to get. After taking this picture, I was going to wander over to the wall and get a picture of "the Gap". Turns out, over the wall is the Delaware River and I-80 which runs right next to it. I didn't figure you'd much care about a picture of an interstate.

The only rally that I've attended that was really a "riding" rally is my own Tucson "For a Few CC"s More" rally which, by the way, was also held this past weekend. In the past, there have been as many a 6 rides scheduled over the weekend.....and a lot more activities, from a poker run to the rides. It makes for a killer weekend.

On Sunday, there was nothing scheduled so everybody just started packing up, loading scooters on trailers, saying their goodbyes and heading out. I loaded up and headed north towards New York, my 14th state on the trip to find Helix!
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