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Originally Posted by DSM8 View Post
Comments below:
Thanks man!

The damper is going to be a Rev I that's coming with the Emig TT's. I really don't want a return to center and the deal I got I couldn't refuse. We'll see if I blow a seal out of it or not and Emig's service is stellar even if I do. Time and punishment will tell, :)

Side Stand: Going with CJ's. Definitely don't need to spend $3000 on new cases unless I'm building a second motor from scratch, lol!

Foot pegs are definitely a "to each their own" thing. I'm not a big fan of SUPER wide pegs, but a bit of extra length is nice. I'm going to try extensions first, but if I break them or find they aren't what I desire I'll try these . I won't run alloy pegs of any kind anymore after busting a few sets and nearly losing the use of my knees, I too dislike pivotpegs... I've never had a set, but ridden friends bikes with them on and I always feel totally unstable. Yuck.

I like high and straight. I'll need to get the triples on and forks to have a seat on the bike and see what the sweep feels like on the stocks, but I'm still think Pastranas or similar will be more to my liking. I had Maguras on my F650 and loved them, but it's geometry is substantially different. I'm a big fan of sitting on it, closing your eyes and putting your hands where you feel comfortable. Then open them and voila, measure the sweep and rise and you're good. Once my seat changes to the Renazco I may have to do small adjustments, but nothing major. Maybe just lean them forward a bit.

Heated grip are gonna be the glue on ones, yep! Cheap, simple, perfect. The F had stock heated grips so I never really looked into any, but the glue ons under stock grips seem to be the consensus. I son't like the largeness of most heated grips anyway...

I'm gonna leave the windscreen till I ride it 300-400kms in different conditions both off and on each. Then I'll know lower or higher. My bet is on lower... Heard lots of tall guys tell me to just take it right off, LOL! I don't like a portable guillotine anyway,

Cruise control will remain the responsibility of my trust $7 throttle palmer. I've had it forever and none of the newer cruise gadgets seem any better than 6 years ago when I decided against one, lol! KISS principle again.

Thanks for your input man!
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