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Hi guys, I'm cleaning out the garage and have some xt550 parts I want to get rid of. I bought these thinking that they would make good spares for my xt500's... but it turns out they wont fit a 500 (Obviously I knew the shock wouldnt work, but I got all the parts together. If you have a 1980 or newer xt500 the forks will work.). All of it came off of a 1982 xt550 with 5,000 miles.

Original paint red tank with decals with a few very minor nicks (you can see all the nicks in the photo).

Complete front end.

Rear wheel with good tire, good wheel bearings, good brake shoes, and sprocket.

Stock rear shock.

I'm located in Maryland. These parts are pretty big and/or heavy so shipping might not be cost effective... but if its worth it to you, it ok with me.

Here is a link to my Craigslist ad so you can see photos:
Interested in the parts. Definitly the tank and rear wheel. Would take the package deal but the shipping scares me. If you can figure how to package the tank and wheel and are close to fed ex or ups get me an estimate to 30293.
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