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An update (I work slow, and post slower):
After cleaning the wheel/spokes/hub and mounting the brake disc and new tire, a long detour from a fork leg that refused to come out willingly, repairing the fork nut which was damaged in the process of making the fork leg surrender, and lots of other busy work, I put the wheel on the Softail, and hmmm, the front wheel isn't centered in the fender.

So I rounded up a couple of 8' long box-section steel pieces to use as an alignment tool, and the wheel is offset to one side, relative to the rear wheel. So I look in the service manual, and in the "Truing Laced Wheel" section, I see that the offset dimension is different for the Springer and Standard front wheels by about 0.2". They give a procedure to change the offset, but I believe I'll hand this off to my trusty indy, as me and wheel truing just isn't a good match.
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