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Originally Posted by tomasv View Post
Hi guys,

I just purchased 2007 XCountry in addition to my 1200 GS. I would like to add AUX tank. Searching the info out there, it seems people were able to make the KTM mountained tank work even thought it is design for the left side...

Q1) How did you make the opposite side work, I have seen the hot water/compressor work but I thought it was more for extending the capacity. Is there any step by step guide I could follow please? Note that I am not going to be using any saddle bag frames, I need to mount the tank directly to the bike.

Q2) I have seen several brackets, some of them very nice. Is there any one that has a CAD drawings that could be used to cut them on CNC please? I would be happy to pay for a run of 10 via one of the local companies and split the cost with others. Just need help with the design and directions please. This way we would have a "universal' mounting bracket

I have actually never seen a picture of XCountry with it, most of them have been for XChallange but I would assume the brackets would be the same - correct?

Thank you!


Tomas - The hot water trick does add capacity, but it also allows you to bend the tank slightly to get it to fit better. There are lots of Youtube videos on how to do the hot water expansion. Remember to allow for clearance of the rear sprocket when installing your tank.

The difficult part of hanging any of the aux tanks on the rear of the X bikes is the rear taper of the subframe.

Nobody bothered to create a "universal bracket" because we all have different setups at the rear. Some have racks, some don't, some have bags, some don't.

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