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Originally Posted by Questor View Post
I get it...

Something like that happened to me too.
Job started to eat my life...
No social life.
Then a medical scare.

So I hit the "Fuck it / Reset" button and became an ADV bum...
A few big rides later, including the TAT, I found a new role in life.
I've got a sweet girlfriend, and a job I love.

I think you're doing the right thing.

Interested in some words of advice?
- Don't rush the TAT.
- Take your time. Meet people. Share stories.
- Camp as much as you can.
- Once you get out past Oklahoma camping is easy.
- Also check out the ADV Tent Space thread.
- Eat better.
- It takes a lot of calories to ride and stay alert and fit.
- Canned goods at the supermarket and a small cook set can result in tasty and nutritious meals.
- Stay positive.
- Good things will find you if you are a happy person with a positive attitude.
- Poopy people in a poopy mood will not receive the generosity of the Universe.

If you get out to south east Idaho, specifically Idaho Falls stop by.
I've got Tent Space.

Good luck with your travels.
There is so much good universal info here I had to re-wind.
'"This whole memory lapse is gett'in to me. Hopefully I think I'll outgrow it."
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