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For any of you guys who replace your own tires, how do balance them? If you don't balance, do you fee the increase in vibrations at all?

I static balance with a couple of crates and the axle. Will rotate the tire around the wheel 'till it's close, then finish up with stick-on weights. Works fine up to about 85, then you feel it if it's not perfect. Going to go ahead and invest in a more precise static balancer like a Marc Parnes or similar. I want smooth up to 100. Motion-Pro makes really nice stick-on weights that are narrower than the ones for cars so they stick on the shoulder without issue. I do the Husky the same way, it takes quite a bit of weight to offset the rimlock. I have it pretty close with internal weights opposite the lock, then can usually get it right on with an ounce or less on the outside.

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